Announcing the CrUX Site Validator

Learn more about my new tool, the CrUX Site Validator and how it can help you determine if a site is indexed by the CrUX

Over the past few years, I have worked closely with various performance tools. One issue I often encounter is whether a website is in the CrUX. To clarify, one can run a PageSpeed Insights report to determine this. However, this can be problematic for workflow reasons when creating client strategies.

If a client's website does not meet the eligibility requirements for the CrUX, it becomes challenging to aggregate and visualise data without the help of the CrUX.

What is the CrUX?

The CrUX or Chrome User Experience Report is the official dataset for Google's Web Vitals program. All data is collected from Google Chrome users worldwide as long as users have opted in.

There are also eligibility requirements for sites that make it into the CrUX, such as traffic volume and other factors.

Tools like Page Speed Insights and Search Console use the CrUX to show your site's performance against real user metrics.

CrUX Validator

I have developed a straightforward tool that uses the CrUX API to verify if a site is in the CrUX. You will receive an immediate response if the site is absent in the CrUX. However, if it is, the tool includes direct links to the PageSpeed Insights Report and the CrUX Dashboard for that URL.

You can check out the tool here: